Unsurpassed Building Services from Creative Building Corporation

Creative Building Corporation is  the leading custom home builder and design and build contractor in Sioux Falls and the entire Midwest. At Creative Building Corporation, we believe that one of the most important aspects of a home is that it flows comfortably.  We like to use the term “functional grandeur”. It means that all aspects of each home design must work smoothly together both visually and functionally. We have years of experience and will take you smoothly from start to finish.

We provide our home design, building and home remodeling services a la carte so you get what you want and only pay for you use. Whether it’s working with you to design your home, re-design a remodel based on your desired outcome or manage your building or remodeling project, we can do what you need.

We prefer to work with our clients for the entire project from start to finish.

This naturally helps us stay on the same page with our clients. Building a new home should be a wonderful experience; it’s a chance to contemplate one’s home life and build something that will have a lasting, elevating impact on it. For this reason more and more families are choosing Creative Building Corporation as their home builder in Sioux Falls and across the country.

Award Winning Home Design and Residential Renovationbook

We have received multiple regional and international awards for residential building and remodeling projects as well as having been featured in many publications over the years. Our exceptional quality of work as well as elegance in design has commended the attention and respect of many independent news providers and journals.

New Book by Troy Stallings

Troy Stallings is just now finishing up his new book “The Owners Success System” on how to save time, money and elimnate stress with your contractor.
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Award Winning Designs

Creative Building Corporation is an award winning home builder and home remodeling contractor who has been nationally acclaimed by the National Association of Home Builders. Please click the Learn More link to review our awards and recognition.

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Custom Homes

Creative Building Corporation builds award winning custom homes and is a premier home builder and offers expert home remodeling services  in the Sioux Falls area. Take a look at some of our beautiful creations by clicking on the link below.

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Project Management

Creative Building Corporation is focused on providing exceptional project management services to ensure that your home renovation project fits your timeline, vision and budget. We will make sure that you never fall behind in your goals and are provided with quick turnaround time and the best of service!

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