Project management is an integral part of what we do. Because we are available to help you design your home, we are aware of the thought behind the different features and are involved in the details of each project on a daily basis.  We are responsible for hiring all of the sub contractors who provide all of the material, labor, equipment, engineering, vehicles and tools, and services necessary for the construction of all the project homes.

Our Project Management Provides the Following Services:

  • Help clarify and identify your building wants and home needs
  • Work with you to design your home with your needs and budget in mind
  • Project building costs and create budget
  • Recommend architect to create the building plans
  • Review the building plans with you and work with architect to finalize building plans
  • Review building budget and maintain budget cost controls
  • Submit building plans to city and obtain building permits
  • Provide quality licensed & insured subcontractor bids
  • Oversee subcontractors on site
  • Consult with you; discuss any change orders, questions and concerns
  • Obtain warranties and lien waivers from subcontractors
  • Review all contracts and any change orders
  • Review subcontractors monthly billings; discuss discrepancies and answer any questions you have
  • Meet with subcontractors to discuss and solve building questions
  • Meet with you through completion of the building project; answer questions, work with parties and attempt to solve any contractor, city or neighbor issues
  • Provide ongoing inspections to ensure quality subcontractor workmanship until final completion
  • Provide 10 year structural warranty on your custom home. Work with subcontractors to solve any product or mechanical issues that arise in the first 10 years (warranty does not convey to subsequent homeowners).