It’s a good bet that you have a room in your home that you would like to remodel – or “tweak” a little.  The number 1 tip people who have gone through a remodel will tell another person thinking about remodeling is PREPARE.  Work with your home builder to make a plan: design your new space, decide if you need to move out of the space during the construction and build phase, make your selections early and stick to your choices, then trust your home builder and your plan.

Creative Building Corporation, Sioux Falls’ premier custom home builder, is licensed, insured and ready to help you plan, design and build your new space.  We will work within your timeframe and budget, hire subcontractors and ensure quality construction and help you choose products and materials that fit in your design and budget. We helped a homeowner turn a 1950s traditional home into a modern, efficient home with rustic industrial touches.

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